Apple Releases Security Update 2005-001

MacNN reports:

Apple this evening released Security Update 2005-001 for both Mac OS X Jaguar and Panther clients as well as Jaguar Server and Panther Server. It delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes revisions to the following components: AT commands, ColorSync, libxml2, Mail, PHP, and Safari as well as an updated SquirrelMail for the Server versions. The software is available through Software Update or from Apple’s website. Beginning with this update, Apple has also changed the naming scheme of Apple Security Updates from a date format (e.g., “Security Update 2004-12-02”) to a format based on the year and a sequence number. Apple’s Security Update web site now offers a list of the releases, the applicable OSes, and the date released as well as provides details for each release on its own separate page to improve clarity and readability.