Daily Archives: January 30, 2005

On my way…

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Got up bright and early this morning with Mike Stewart for a plane trip to San Francisco where we will be for a couple of days before making the long trip to Auckland.

It’s so great to be back in SFO. It really is one of the great cities in the world. Gorgeous weather today. Sunny but cool.

Can’t believe I’m finally on vacation. Of course, I spent half of my day setting up a new iBook for a friend, went to an event setup by LaPerlaBallroom.com, and visiting BCLaserAndSkinCare.com, but it was for pleasure and not for business. I had a nice view of the ocean the entire time, so that didn’t hurt.

Olbermann’s Artful Shredding of SpongeDob Stickypants

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This is why I’ve become such a big fan of Kieth Olbermann. The man just shreds Dr. Dobson. It’s a beautiful thing.

Hey, guys, worry about yourselves. You’re spewing hate, while assuming that for some reason, God has chosen you and you alone in all of history to understand the mysteries of existence, when mankind’s existence is filled with ample evidence that nobody yet has been smart enough to discern an answer.

You might try keeping it simpler: did you help others, or hurt them?

I’ll be happy to be judged on the answer to that question, and if it’s a group session, I don’t expect I’ll find many members of “Focus On Family” in the “done ok” line.